1000 Rounds of 200gr SJHP .44 Mag Ammo by Fiocchi

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Fiocchi Munizioni (Fiocchi Ammunition) was founded in July 3, 1876, by Giulio Fiocchi, an accountant. They’re one of the biggest, oldest ammunition manufacturers in Italy, and they have a solid reputation in the ammunition world. Fiocchi went into business right as some significant changes were happening in the world of firearms; breech loaders were replacing muzzle loaders, and black powder was being phased out. Not only did they adapt, they began to thrive. One reason for their success is that they design and make all their own production equipment – something they’ve done since day one – allowing for greater quality control. Fiocchi believes in the importance of good quality and fantastic performance, and their ammunition is favored by seasoned shooters all around the world.

These are lightweight 200 grain rounds; obviously they’re heavy enough to do serious damage, but they’re lighter than the average .44 Magnum round, meaning they’ll move even faster. This is SJHP ammunition; each round delivers deliver controlled expansion on impact. The semi-jacket on each bullet increases its strength and controls expansion so the projectile can penetrate more deeply, creating a larger, more devastating wound cavity. That jacket also helps decrease lead fouling in your gun’s barrel. Each round has a muzzle velocity of 1475 feet per second and muzzle energy of 966 foot-pounds. This ammunition is meant for self-defense.

There are 1000 defense rounds in this case, and if you think that’s overdoing it for self-defense ammunition, you couldn’t be more wrong. Defense rounds produce significantly more felt recoil and muzzle flip than target rounds, meaning accuracy and follow-up shots will be harder to manage. You don’t want to find out you can’t bring your gun back on target quick enough when someone is threatening your life; it’s far better to get target practice in right now rather than waiting until it’s too late. Fiocchi’s headquarters are in Lecco, Italy, but they also have a plant in Ozark, Missouri, for distribution here in the States. Your .44 Magnum is a powerful gun. Harness its true potential with quality defense rounds from Fiocchi.

1000 Rounds of 200gr SJHP .44 Mag Ammo by Fiocchi

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