50 Rounds of 200gr JHP .44 Mag Ammo by Fiocchi

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Elmer Keith was a rancher, author, outdoorsman, and firearms enthusiast, to say the least. It was a normal sight to see him sporting his 10-gallon Stetson, a cigar in his mouth, and an unfiltered opinion being shared. While World War II raged, Keith was an inspector for the arsenal in Ogden, Utah; if you ever see rifle with “OGEK” inside a rectangle stamped onto its buttstock, you’ve got an Elmer Keith-inspected firearm. You might want to hang onto that, because he’s something of a legend in the firearms community. Elmer Keith gave the firearms world some of its most phenomenal rounds, including the .44 Magnum, which hit the market in 1955.

These particular .44 Magnums are designed to be simply amazing defense rounds. They’re Fiocchi’s XTPJHP rounds: they contain Hornady’s eXtreme Terminal Performance bullets and have the jacketing that controls hollow point expansion for deeper penetration. These rounds will make a massive, crippling wound track. At 200 grain they’re actually only medium-weight, but that means they’re able to move faster, and don’t think for a second they don’t hit hard. This ammunition has lightning-fast muzzle velocity at 1450 feet per second and slams into your target with stupendous power with its muzzle energy of 986 foot-pounds.

There are 50 defense rounds in this box, all new-production, non-corrosive brass cases with boxer primer that can be reloaded. Whether you use your .44 Magnum for personal carry self-defense or at home, this ammunition is what you want. .44 Magnums have also been used for hunting, up to and including deer. Fiocchi is the manufacturer of this ammunition; they were founded in 1876, and their plant and headquarters are located in Lecco, Italy. They do have an Ozark, Missouri, plant for U.S. distribution, but when demand overwhelms stateside supplies, they ship extra in from Italy. You’ve got a .44 Magnum, so we know you like power. Buy defense rounds with strength to match that of the gun it’s going in.

50 Rounds of 200gr JHP .44 Mag Ammo by Fiocchi

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