500 Rounds of 200gr JHP .44 Mag Ammo by Fiocchi

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There’s no doubt about it: the .44 Magnum is the bully on the firearms playground, big, bad, and always ready for a fight. There are those who use it for self-defense both at home and away, those who use it for hunting, and some who just like to feel its incredible power on the occasional day at the range. But one of the .44 Magnum’s greatest attributes – its brutish strength – can also be a con, because it doesn’t just penetrate, it over-penetrates. That’s why you need to be sure you’re using good defense ammo, to make sure your life-saving shot doesn’t travel beyond your intended target. These defense rounds from Fiocchi are just what you need.

Fiocchi has plenty of experience creating high-quality ammunition, after all, they’ve been in business since July 3, 1876. As a company they’re known for their dedication and commitment to quality, and they’re also the oldest ammunition manufacturer in Italy. Their main plant and headquarters are located in Lecco, Italy, but they do have a plant in Ozark, Missouri, to handle distribution in the United States. When demand overwhelms readily available stock, they ship in extra ammo from Italy. When you buy ammunition from Fiocchi Munizioni, you can be sure you’re getting reliable rounds from a long-time company with a solid reputation.

200 grain makes these medium-weight cartridges for the .44 Magnum. Being somewhat lighter than many defense rounds of this caliber gives them the capability of flying down-range at higher speeds while maintaining enough weight for a substantial impact. These are Fiocchi’s top-tier defense rounds, because they have Hornady’s XTP bullets in them – that’s eXtreme Terminal Performance – and they’re designed for maximum penetration, expansion, and weight retention. They’re JHP’s and offer superior controlled expansion on impact while also deceleration. This ammunition has a stunning muzzle velocity of 1490 feet per second and hammers home with 986 foot-pounds. There are 500 defense rounds in this box so you’ll be well-stocked for hunting and self-defense. Get your big, bad gun some big, bad ammo.

500  Rounds of 200gr JHP .44 Mag Ammo by Fiocchi

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