50 Rounds of 130gr FMC .38 Spl Ammo by Magtech

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When it comes to quality control, there is a limit to how much control can be exercised – unless the components are made on-site. At Magtech, their plant is vertically integrated; all components are made right there in the factory. This includes the brass rolls needed for cases, the various chemicals needed for primers, the bullets; literally each and every component is made right there, allowing Magtech significant control over their ammunition. On top of that, all ammunition undergoes extensive testing and must meet stringent requirements to even leave the plant. When you buy ammunition from Magtech, you can be sure you’re getting a product that’s been thoroughly scrutinized by trained professionals.

These are 130 grain rounds, putting them towards the lighter end of the weight spectrum for the cartridge. Lighter weight means more speed and less recoil, so you can practice more extensively without wearing out your hands. This is FMC, or Full Metal Case, ammunition, which is basically FMJ. It doesn’t expand on impact and has a tendency to over-penetrate, just like all target rounds, so you need a good backstop in place. This ammunition is great for target practice, shooting drills, and plinking. Each round moves down-range with a muzzle velocity of 800 feet per second and impacts targets with a muzzle energy of 185 foot-pounds.

There are 50 target rounds in this box of ammunition from Magtech. Magtech manufactures their ammo at their established plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil; all ammunition meets SAAMI or CIP specifications and adheres to a high standard for quality and performance. These rounds are produced in fresh brass cases with boxer primer, so you can collect your spent brass, reload, and hit the range again. They’re also designed to be non-corrosive, which extends the life of your gun. If you want to get some dedicated range time in with your .38 Special, make sure you load it with good quality ammunition. Order now and experience the Magtech difference.

50 Rounds of 130gr FMC .38 Spl Ammo by Magtech

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