50 Rounds of 158gr LSWC .38 Spl Ammo by Magtech

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SWC, or Semi-Wadcutter, rounds are designed to give the shooter the best of two worlds: wadcutter target bullet features and traditional round-nosed revolver bullet features. Since full wadcutters have a tendency to have trouble feeding reliably in semi-auto’s, an SWC can give the shooter the results they want with improved feeding. SWC’s have conical noses that are truncated with a flat point, which is known as a meplat, and they sit on a cylinder that’s slightly larger than the cone, leaving a sharp shoulder. As with all flat-nose rounds, the SWC punches cleanly through your paper target, and the sharp shoulder produces a second, slightly large hole. The clean edge makes scoring more easy because it doesn’t leave ragged edges behind. SWC’s are most often used for hunting and target practice.

These are 158 grain rounds, making them medium-weight rounds for the caliber. These are LSWC, Lead Semi-WadCutter, rounds, and ideal for target practice, shooting drills, and plinking. The flat nose on these rounds gives them a cleaner cutting edge for better scoring because they don’t leave ragged holes in your paper targets. Each round flies from the barrel of your gun with a muzzle velocity of 755 feet per second and impacts your target with a muzzle energy of 200 foot-pounds. Magtech produces these rounds in virgin brass cases with boxer primer so they can be easily reloaded. This ammunition is also non-corrosive, so there’s less friction in your gun’s barrel, which extends the life of your gun.

There are 50 target rounds in this box of ammunition from Magtech. Magtech is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and was founded in 1926. For nearly one hundred years they’ve adhered to strict standards of excellence; all ammunition must undergo rigorous testing and quality control. Their factory is vertically integrated, meaning every component of your ammunition is made right there on site. That level of control isn’t something many companies can claim, and with Magtech it means a high-quality product at reasonable prices. If you want to get some dedicated training time in with your favorite handgun, pick up this 50-round box of ammunition from Magtech; you’ll be back for more.

50 Rounds of 158gr LSWC .38 Spl Ammo by Magtech

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