20 Rounds of 115gr JHP 9mm +P Ammo by Magtech Guardian Gold

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After being founded in 1926, Magtech set about becoming a frontrunner in the firearms and ammunition world. Their dedication to quality control and rigorous testing alone set them apart, but part of that control has to do with the fact that their plant of vertically integrated. At Magtech, each and every component, from bullets to brass, is made right there in the factory. They even manufacture the brass rolls the cases are cut from; literally everything is produced within the walls of their plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This exceptional level of quality control results in impressive ammunition such as this Magtech Guardian Gold self-defense ammo.

Magtech Guardian Gold is made to even stricter than usual standards, and for Magtech, you’d think that would be impossible. But it’s true; Guardian Gold is meticulously manufactured for superior ballistic performance and exceptional weight retention and control. At Magtech they understand that defense rounds are no laughing matter, because it isn’t only seconds that count in a life-or-death situation, ammunition performance matters right down to the tiniest detail. These defense rounds deliver compelling force and maximum penetration. This is your one-shot stopping ammunition.

At 115 grain these are lightweight rounds which helps them move down-range faster. They’re JHP’s capable of rapid energy transfer and fantastic controlled expansion on impact with simultaneous deceleration. All of that means they create a catastrophically deep wound track and slow to prevent over-penetration, because you want your bullet to hit your attacker, and only your attacker. This is +P ammunition, so it’s loaded to a higher pressure than the average JHP and has enormous knockdown power. Each round has stunning speed with a muzzle velocity of 1246 feet per second and slams into your assailant with a muzzle energy of 397 foot-pounds.

There are 20 defense rounds in this box. As +P defense rounds these are even more powerful than most, so it would be wise to practice with them in advance. Protect your loved ones with Guardian Gold.

20 Rounds of 115gr JHP 9mm +P Ammo by Magtech Guardian Gold

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