50 Rounds of 158gr LRN .38 Spl Ammo by Remington Express

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The .38 Special came out in 1898, and if anything it’s even more popular today than it was then. Over the last century-plus it’s seen quite a bit of use including 70 years as the standard service weapon for law enforcement here in the U.S.; today it’s typically used for self-defense. It offers manageable recoil and good accuracy, and many revolvers chambered in this round are small enough to be easily concealed. In fact, many members of law enforcement continue to use the .38 Special today as their backup gun (BUG) both on and off duty. The .38 Special has been popular for 116 years, and the way things are going it’s probably going to have another 116.

At 158 grain these are considered medium-weight; they’re light enough to zip to your target with good speed and heavy enough to pack a punch. These are LRN – Lead Round Nose – rounds meant for target practice, shooting drills, and plinking; although the lead in their noses may deform somewhat on impact, they shouldn’t be confused with expanding rounds. Each of these rounds leaves the barrel of your gun with a muzzle velocity of 755 feet per second and strikes its target with a muzzle energy of 200 foot-pounds. These are non-corrosive, new-production, brass-cased rounds with boxer primer and can be reloaded.

You get 50 target rounds in this box of ammunition. These boxes are the perfect size for stashing in your range bag or stacking in your safe for a rainy day (or a day you happen to feel like hitting the range). Remington manufactures this ammunition at their plant in Lonoke, Arkansas. They’ve been manufacturing ammunition for almost 200 years, and with that kind of longevity you can be sure they’ve got the process figured out. Don’t feed your gun just any target rounds; the quality of target rounds matters, too, and your gun will thank you for training with quality ammunition. Your .38 Special is cold; heat it up with these LRN rounds.

50 Rounds of 158gr LRN .38 Spl Ammo by Remington Express

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