500 Rounds of 147gr FMJ 9mm Ammo by Winchester

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Maybe you carry a 9mm because it has a higher capacity mag than most of its larger associates, or maybe you like the more manageable recoil it offers. Or maybe you’re a U.S. Army veteran and your standard issue was, as it is today, a 9mm, and you’re comfortable with it. Whatever your reasons may be, you’d better have a good-sized stash of ammunition set aside for a rainy day. If you don’t, maybe it’s time you made your first substantial contribution by ordering this 500-round box from Winchester. Having ammunition at the ready isn’t just about impending doom, it’s good, old-fashioned common sense. After all, what good is that semi-auto of yours if you have nothing to feed it?

These are medium-weight 147 grain rounds. As FMJ’s they’re manufactured to keep you going during shooting drills, target practice, and, yes, even punching holes in those honeydew melons you picked up at the store the other day and forgot to eat. Remember, every time you take your gun out of its holster, you’re creating habits, so even when your goal is fun, maintain form. This ammunition has nice zip with a muzzle velocity of 990 feet per second and impacts your target with a muzzle energy of 320 foot-pounds. Perhaps best of all, these rounds have virgin brass cases with boxer primer, so they can be reloaded.

Winchester’s remarkable history began in 1866 with the Model 66, and today they continue to make their mark on the firearms world with these American-made target rounds. The ability to manufacture a quality target round is a valuable one, because your gun is what it eats, and in a way, so are you, because you inhale whatever is released into the air when you pull the trigger. Because these rounds are Winchester’s Super Unleaded and are also encapsulated, the air around you stays significantly cleaner during target practice, and that’s important, especially for high-volume shooters such as yourself. Your gun can gobble up 500 rounds faster than some might think, and by buying these cleaner rounds, you’re doing both yourself and your gun a favor. Do your part to keep the air clean when you go to the range by placing your order today.

9mm 147 gr Super Unleaded Encapsulated Winchester Super X Ammo For Sale!

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  • 9mm 147 gr Super Unleaded Encapsulated Winchester Super X Ammo For Sale!

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