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Few firearms can be described as truly revolutionary and even fewer revolutionary firearms become one of the best assault rifles in the world, with dozens of military forces around the globe using variations of the same design. One such firearm is the AR15, which was developed in the late 1950s and early 1960s as the new rifle for the United States military, replacing the M1 and M14 rifles, both of which fired 30 caliber bullets. The AR15 was chambered with a new type of ammo, called 223 Remington or 5.56 NATO.

Much lighter than the rifles it replaced, the AR15 soon became the top rifle choice for US forces and their allies. It was also very popular among civilian shooters in the 1970s and 80s, although its popularity exploded after the expiration of the 2004 assault weapon ban. Most AR15s fire 223 Remington or 5.56 NATO ammo, although AR15s have been chambered with a number of other ammunition types, including 22 long rifle, 204 Ruger, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, 300 AAC Blackout, and 458 SOCOM. AR15s can also shoot pistol ammo, such as 9 mm, 40 Smith & Wesson, and 45 ACP.

The best ammo for an AR15 depends on the type of chamber the rifle has. Some AR15s are chambered for 223 Remington, and should only be used shoot 223 Remington ammo. Other AR15s have 5.56 mm NATO chambers, and they can safely shoot 223 Remington as well as 5.56 NATO ammo. Ammo selection for an AR15 also depends on twist rate, because faster twist rates such as 1/7 are capable of firing bullets up to 77 grains, while slower twist such as 1/12 can only stabilize lighter bullets, such as 55 grain FMJ. For general shooting with an AR15, FMJ ammo is a good choice, while hollowpoint ammo is better for home defense and long-range shooting.

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What's Your Favorite Ammo For a AR15?

Danny Woods ( Tue, 05 Jun 2012 23:10:35 +0000 ) : not sure.the tulammo jammed in my new dpms ar15.still looking for a good ammo.
Ken Zelepuza ( Tue, 02 Oct 2012 23:01:42 +0000 ) : Hornady 55 FMJBT.
Edwin Pezant ( Tue, 05 Feb 2013 03:14:21 +0000 ) : Right now, any.
Miguel Angel Gallegos ( Wed, 13 Feb 2013 00:54:56 +0000 ) : all of them.
Bill Paschal ( Sun, 24 Mar 2013 17:59:08 +0000 ) : I prefer the 5.56 NATO rounds for my AR-15. Scratching my head and wondering where I can pick up a sear pin out of an M-16 A-1 military rifle. Basically, that would change my weapon to the M-16, only the barrel and stock are different than the one I used in the Army. I have a pull out stock (extended). I love the barrel length on the AR-15 that I have......What a nice gun!
Joel Caracciolo ( Wed, 07 Aug 2013 02:03:24 +0000 ) : 55 grain FMBT....i get a nice tight group out of my Core 15 AR.
Erich del Pozo ( Fri, 09 Aug 2013 07:55:25 +0000 ) : Lapua 69gr, BTHP Scenar in.223.
Dameon Baumgarner ( Sat, 01 Nov 2014 02:33:22 +0000 ) : Keep Russian ammo out of are American built weapon that actually has tolerance's. Russian ak sloppy variants will eat that steel cased lacquer crap forever because loose is all they know lol. Drop that ak to hard your buddy might not make it home lol.
Geoff Cravillion ( Sat, 01 Nov 2014 14:55:00 +0000 ) : Anything brass
Danny Woods ( Sun, 02 Nov 2014 20:01:12 +0000 ) : Dameon Baumgarner i didnt shoot but two rounds .
Nikolaj Lunze ( Sun, 10 May 2015 17:36:20 +0000 ) : Federal Fusion 62gr. MSR Its a 5,56 Spec Bonded SoftPoint bullet, which is relatively barrier blind. It wont fragment, tough will expand and release 80% of its energy in the first 8-10 inches of penetration. It will work with hits on legs/arms, where fragmenting will not occur with BTHP/FMJ bullets.
Ann Batson Johnson ( Thu, 23 Jul 2015 11:57:06 +0000 ) : can anyone tell me what the value of 1000 rounds of reloades of 223's
David Imbus ( Mon, 16 Nov 2015 03:38:47 +0000 ) : I'm looking at buying a rock river ar15...anyone give me some feedback. I've heard there one of the best ar's out of the box to buy. Thanks
Jr Grey ( Wed, 09 Dec 2015 23:00:05 +0000 ) : For the price your going to pay for an off thr shelf Rock River you can go to your local Gunsmith and have him build a really nice matched upper and lower. Uograded ar 15.. and pick you trigger..barrel..and all the internal parts for just about the same money.ists uo to you but you can do better than off the shelf RR for the price...Just dayin
Jr Grey ( Wed, 09 Dec 2015 23:01:36 +0000 ) : Brass..steel..?? Bout 230.. to 250 should be..55 grain.. 77 grain?
David Imbus ( Wed, 09 Dec 2015 23:03:11 +0000 ) : Jr Grey ...thanks jr. For the info. I've got the gun now. I need a good scope. Thinking about going with a leupold. What do you think?
Jason Robinson ( Fri, 11 Dec 2015 16:49:58 +0000 ) : American tactical but don't get the omni hybrid bullshit get the mil-sport!
Jorge Arteaga ( Wed, 16 Dec 2015 18:43:19 +0000 ) : Would anyone know of a good place to purchase bullets. AR15
Derek Lindsay ( Mon, 08 Feb 2016 03:16:49 +0000 ) : My AR is chambered for 5.56. It's a Bushy "Varmintor" with a 24" heavy barrel, 1:9 twist. Same gun used by Texas Troopers as a "sniper-carry rifle" several years back, huh. I mention this because it's the best AR I've ever shot. With the 24" barrel, it's a tack driver with a lot of makes of ammo. For range/practice, Winchester .223 55gr. "White Box" or Remington UMC 55gr. in .223. I have a couple of favs for coyotes and home defense: Winchester Razor Back XT, 64 gr., "Protected HP", "made for boar." HD: DRT .223 Frangible. This stuff is wicked when I've "tested" it on watermelons. Just explodes.
Eric Johnson ( Tue, 29 Mar 2016 18:36:33 +0000 ) : does patriot ordnance factory make a good rifle? really like their P416