50 Rounds of 158gr TMJ .38 Spl +P Ammo by CCI Blazer Cleanfire

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When you fire your gun, particles of lead immediately go airborne as the bullet leaves the barrel. The only way to reduce those particles is by using ammunition with completely encased bullets and those specifically designed to be clean. Some ranges won’t allow any ammunition but lead-free rounds, and if yours is one of those or if you just want to keep the air around you cleaner when you shoot, this ammunition from Blazer is a great choice. These are Clean Fire rounds designed to drastically cut back on the lead, mercury, and antimony released into the air during target practice. The bullets are totally encased, stopping lead particles from going airborne, and clean-burning propellants are used, among other features. For clean ammunition, give Blazer Clean Fire a shot.

At 158 grain these are considered medium-weight rounds, so they’re still light enough to fly down-range quickly but also heavy enough for a solid impact. They’re TMJ, so they don’t expand on impact and are prone to over-penetration, just like any target round; be sure of your backstop. This ammunition is perfect for target practice, tactical training, and plinking. Each round leaves the barrel of your gun with a muzzle velocity of 850 feet per second and impacts with a muzzle energy of 253 foot-pounds. These are +P rounds so they have increased internal pressure for greater power overall. Blazer manufactures these rounds using aircraft-grade aluminum for the cases, so they’re visible in dim light and more affordable, too.

Blazer is under the legendary umbrella of CCI, the company founded by Richard Speer, Vernon Speer’s brother, in 1951. The company’s headquarters and established plant are located in Lewiston, Idaho, near the banks of the Snake River. All ammunition is manufactured according to strict standards and meets SAAMI specifications. You get 50 clean-firing target rounds in this single box of ammunition. It’s just right for tucking into your range bag or storing in your safe for later. If you order one box you can give your .38 Special a snack, or you can order two (or more) and give it a meal.

50 Rounds of 158gr TMJ .38 Spl +P Ammo by CCI Blazer Cleanfire

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