50 Rounds of 125gr SJSP .38 Spl Ammo by Fiocchi

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When it comes to quality .38 special ammo, you can’t go wrong with a brand that owns a history like Fiocchi.

On July 3, 1876, an accountant by the name of Giulio Fiocchi founded Fiocchi Munizioni, a company that was bound for a wide-reaching future as a leader in the ammunition world. At the time Giulio took it over, the company was a small-caliber plant in need of serious help, and he took it upon himself to not only improve but expand it. Fiocchi has since become known for their product diversification and dedication to quality. Their plant is based in Lecco, Italy, and they also have one in Ozark, Missouri, to handle distribution in the United States.

The .38 Special was introduced not long after Fiocchi’s founding. It got its start in 1898 when Smith and Wesson created it as an improvement over the era’s .38 Long Colt, and in no time it had become an incredibly popular cartridge. In fact, it was so popular its start being produced with black powder quickly had to be changed to a smokeless offering within the first year of production. The tough little cartridge has enjoyed use in a variety of situations, from its issue during World War II to U.S. airmen who needed sidearms in case of forced landings to decades as the standard carry for law enforcement agencies all over the country. It’s commonly used today for personal protection, often as a backup gun, and if you carry a .38 Special for self-defense, you’d better be loading it with suitable ammunition.

Fiocchi manufactures these SJSP rounds with your safety in mind. Semi-Jacketed Soft Points expand on impact much the way a hollow point does but more slowly and with deeper penetration. In areas where HP’s aren’t allowed, SJSP’s are a great alternative. At 125 grain these are relatively lightweight, so they can move at greater speeds and won’t increase your recoil like heavy defense rounds can. They fly to your target with a muzzle velocity of 970 feet per second and hit with good muzzle energy at 261 foot-pounds. For even greater value and quality these are produced in fresh brass cases with boxer primer and can be reloaded.

You get 50 defense rounds in this box. Order a box today to keep your .38 Special loaded and ready to protect yourself and your loved ones. If you’d like more, we also carry these 38 special rounds in a full 1,000 cartridge case. Italy is known for superior quality, and when it comes to ammunition, they have Fiocchi. Guard your family well with Fiocchi.

38 Special 125 gr SJSP Fiocchi Ammunition

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  • 38 Special 125 gr SJSP Fiocchi Ammunition

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