1000 Rounds of 123gr FMJTCEB 9mm Ammo by Fiocchi

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Fiocchi was founded in July of 1876 and is one of the oldest manufacturers in Italy. When Giulio Fiocchi took over the plant, the world of firearms was changing as breech-loaders took the place of muzzle-loaders. Giulio responded in kind, adjusting the production to suit the changing times, first making cases with primers that could be reloaded and then making complete cartridges that were loaded with bullets or shot. Fiocchi has always advanced with the times, and even ahead of them, for example, they’ve always designed and made their own production equipment. Fiocchi is truly a leader in the industry.

9mm is a popular cartridge in part because it provides good knockdown power with more manageable recoil, but also because of its higher-capacity magazines and affordability. There are countless shooters walking around with 9mm’s as their personal carry weapon and others who use them for home defense, and, yes, others who use them just for range time. If you have a 9mm, odds are you’re also a high-volume shooter, and you don’t want to feed your gun just any target rounds. For almost 150 years, shooters have turned to Fiocchi for quality yet affordable ammunition, and now it’s your turn.

These are reasonably lightweight rounds at 123 grain, so they’re capable of higher speeds, and they’ll still put a good-sized hole in your targets. They’re FMJTCEB rounds, and we’ll break that down for you. FMJ, Full Metal Jacket, means they don’t expand on impact, making them specifically made for target practice, tactical training, and plinking. TC, Truncated Cone, means they have a cone-shaped nose with the tip cut off; these rounds leave a nice, neat hole in your targets and are often used for competitive shooting. EB, enclosed base, means the lead bullet is entirely encased, so there isn’t any lead released into the air during shooting, and that’s great for your lungs.

This ammunition has a muzzle velocity of 1180 feet per second and muzzle energy of 383 foot-pounds. There are 1000 target rounds in this case, and that’s pretty awesome, because you’re going to be able to keep firing away to your heart’s content. And because they’re virgin brass cases with boxer primer, they can be reloaded. Quite a deal, right? So, hurry up and place your order!

1000 Rounds of 123gr FMJTCEB 9mm Ammo by Fiocchi

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