1000 Rounds of 158gr FMJ .357 Mag Ammo by M.B.I.

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The .357 Magnum hit the shelves in 1934 courtesy of a collaborative effort by Elmer Keith, Col. D.B. Wesson, and Phillip Sharpe, although the lion’s share of thanks for the powerful round goes to Elmer Keith. Keith spent years handloading ammunition, creating new, powerful rounds along the way, and the .357 is a fantastic example of his talent. One of his contributions to the .357 Magnum was his Keith-style bullet, which put more of the bullet’s mass outside of the cartridge, leaving more room for powder inside the cartridge itself. The Keith bullet had a large, flat meplat as well, which made it capable of extraordinary wounding potential. Eventually the .357 bullet was modified to have 1/6 less of a bearing surface than the original Keith bullet, but it retained much of the force Keith wanted.

If you have a .357 Magnum you should be thanking Elmer Keith for the fantastic stopping you hold in your hand. These are moderately weighted 158 grain rounds capable of good knockdown power while still reaching impressive speeds. They’re FMJ rounds meant for target practice, shooting drills, and plinking; we all know it’s fun just spending time shooting your .357 Magnum whether at scored targets or a row of pop cans. Each of these rounds bursts from the barrel of your gun with stunning speed and hits your stationary target with ferocious force.

You want to spend more than a little time firing your awesome gun, right? Well, the 1000 target rounds sealed into plastic bags of ammunition make that possible. With this much ammo you can do some real damage to your chosen targets and enjoy the extraordinary power of your handgun at length. These are new-production, brass-cased rounds with boxer primer, so you can burn through the entire pile, police your spent brass, reload it, and get yourself back out there. This ammunition is made by M.B.I. using once-fired brass and high quality components. M.B.I.’s remanufactured rounds are precision manufactured, made in the U.S.A., and deliver reliable performance. Get your order in and get out there and do some damage, .357 style.

WORD OF CAUTION. This ammunition is remanufactured. Some firearms manufacturers warn that you shouldn’t use remanufactured ammunition in their firearms, so check out your owner’s manual before purchasing this ammo. Also, remanufactured ammo may be more prone to ruptures, failures to fire, ejection failures, squibs, or other functional problems, than new ammunition would be. These issues could cause damage to your firearm or worse, severe physical injury or death. Don’t let other shooters use you remanufactured ammo unless you first make it clear that it is remanufactured.

1000 Rounds of 158gr FMJ .357 Mag Ammo by M.B.I.

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