100 Rounds of 125gr JHP .38 Spl Ammo by M.B.I.

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The .38 Special was designed in 1898 by Smith & Wesson, and in the more than 100 years it’s been around, it has had quite a following. In World War I, it was the standard issue for soldiers fighting for our nation, and from about 1920 to 1990, it was the standard issue service weapon for law enforcement nationwide, and now it’s the go-to carry weapon for untold numbers looking for personal protection. It is quite literally the most popular revolver cartridge in the world, and it always has been. In fact, even though it’s no longer the standard issue for law enforcement, many officers continue to carry it as their backup gun and for off-duty use as well.

These .38 Special rounds are made by M.B.I., an American company well-known for their attention to detail and dedication to quality. M.B.I. is best known for their remanufactured rounds, and these are an example of the amazing precision with which they produce them. Each once-fired brass case is carefully selected to ensure quality and all other components are new. Bullets come from Hornady or the military’s Lake City plant, primers typically come from CCI, and propellants come from Hodgedon; these are some high-quality reloads.

At 125 grain these are still light enough to be considered lightweight, so they’re able to reach greater velocities. They’re Hollow Point rounds, meant for self-defense, and begin to expand immediately upon impact. HP’s begin to decelerate the instant they hit their target, mushrooming as they penetrate to create a devastating wound track, which is precisely what you want from a defense round. You want stopping power. There are 100 defense rounds in a sealed plastic bag. These are good quality brass cases with boxer primer, so you can reload them. Keep your .38 Special loaded for personal protection with these competitively-priced remanufactured HP’s.

100 Rounds of 125gr JHP .38 Spl Ammo by M.B.I.

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