1000 Rounds of 147gr FMJ 9mm Ammo by M.B.I.

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Military Ballistic Industries – M.B.I. – has a solid reputation for producing quality reloaded ammunition. When it comes to reloads, all number of things can go wrong, some large, some small, and you don’t want to risk your firearms with ammunition from just anyone. M.B.I. is part of a massive military manufacturer here in the United States, and they’ve proven their dedication to producing precision manufactured reloads time and again. The brass cases are once-fired but carefully selected for quality, and every other component is brand new. Bullets come from Hornady or Lake City, primers from CCI, and propellants from Hodgedon, because when M.B.I. reloads ammunition, they do it right.

At 147 grain these are relatively heavy for the 9mm cartridge. That extra weight gives your gun the ability to pack a better punch, so your targets are going to bear the proof of the increased strength. These are FMJ rounds, which are great for target practice, shooting drills, and, of course, plinking. FMJ’s don’t expand on impact but simply pass through, so you need to be confident in your backstop just as with every time you shoot. M.B.I. takes care choosing the once-fired brass cases, and also uses boxer primer, so you can collect your spent brass and reload it again.

This is your chance for some reasonably-priced high-volume shooting, because there are 1000 target rounds here in sealed plastic bags. With 1000 rounds you can spend some serious time honing your marksmanship and improving your tactical skills, and still have some left over. Or, if you like, you can put all 1000 rounds aside for your personal stash. Remember, this is American-made ammunition, and it’s good quality, so your gun will most certainly thank you for ordering it. Your 9mm is one hungry gun that can never get enough, so feed it!

WORD OF CAUTION. This ammunition is remanufactured. Some firearms manufacturers warn that you shouldn’t use remanufactured ammunition in their firearms, so check out your owner’s manual before purchasing this ammo. Also, remanufactured ammo may be more prone to ruptures, failures to fire, ejection failures, squibs, or other functional problems, than new ammunition would be. These issues could cause damage to your firearm or worse, severe physical injury or death. Don’t let other shooters use you remanufactured ammo unless you first make it clear that it is remanufactured.

1000 Rounds of 147gr FMJ 9mm Ammo by M.B.I.

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