20 Rounds of 125gr JHP .38 Spl Ammo by Magtech

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In the world of self-defense you should take care to make sure your defense rounds are meticulously manufactured, because when you’re in a life-threatening situation, you cannot afford to have your ammunition fail. Magtech has been in business since 1926. Their plant is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and their products are distributed in 50 countries around the world. Magtech is unique because their plant is vertically integrated; all components, from primers to powders to brass, are produced on-site. Not all plants are able to claim such control over the production of every component, but Magtech can. They also use state-of-the-art equipment, and in the U.S. ammunition is distributed through their plant in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This is Magtech’s Guardian Gold line. In the course of the in-depth quality control process undertaken at the plant each and every round is inspected repeatedly and must pass every step along the way to make it into a box. At 125 grain these are fairly lightweight rounds, allowing for greater speed. They’re JHP’s, so they perform differently than the average hollow point round. The jacketing controls expansion on impact, which means deeper penetration and also prevents lead fouling in your gun’s barrel. In addition, they’re +P, or overpressure, rounds, so they have increased power over average .38 Special rounds. This ammunition has a muzzle velocity of 1,017 feet per second and muzzle energy of 287 foot-pounds.

There are 20 defense rounds in this single box of ammunition. That’s a good number for keeping your gun loaded for defense purposes and also firing a few rounds down-range to get a feel for their increased power. As overpressure rounds these have a higher internal pressure than average rounds but should not be mistaken for high pressure loads. +P gives them both increased muzzle velocity and greater stopping power, which is why it’s used for defense ammunition such as these .38 Special rounds. If you want to load your self-defense firearm with ammunition that significantly increases its ability to stop an assailant, try these Magtech Guardian Gold rounds. Order now.

20 Rounds of 125gr JHP .38 Spl Ammo by Magtech

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