20 Rounds of 95gr +P SCHP .38 Spl Ammo by Magtech First Defense

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The .38 Special was created in 1898 by Smith and Wesson as an improvement on the .38 Long Colt. The .38 Long Colt had proved ineffective against the crazed, adrenaline-fueled rushes of the Moro Warriors during the American-Philippine War, and the .38 Special proved not only to be immediately well-liked but to be so popular it remains perhaps the most popular revolver cartridge in the world even today. For 70 years it was the standard issue for law enforcement agencies all over the country and today it’s still used as the BUG – Back Up Gun – both by law enforcement officers on and off duty and for civilians as well. If you own a .38 Special and use it for self-defense, you need the right ammunition, and these +P rounds offer greater power in more ways than one.

+P rounds are also called overpressure rounds and are loaded to a higher pressure than the average cartridge. They shouldn’t be mistaken for proof rounds, which are used to test the limits of guns, or magnum rounds. A +P round is ideal for self-defense because it has greater speed and stopping power than even a standard defense round. These .38 Special +P rounds are a lightweight 95 grain so they’ll fly down-range with fantastic speed and make a serious impact. They’re SCHP, Solid Copper Hollow Point, rounds, and begin to expand on impact, mushrooming as they penetrate to create a devastating wound track. Also, because they’re solid copper, they’re lead-free and won’t rust or corrode.

There are 20 self-defense rounds in this box. Each round leaves the barrel of your gun with a stunning muzzle velocity of 1083 feet per second and impacts your target with a muzzle energy of 247 foot-pounds. This ammunition is specifically designed for self-defense, but it’s also a good idea to train with your chosen defense rounds in advance due to their greater power, so don’t just load your gun and wait for something to happen. Fire some rounds through your gun in advance and get comfortable with it, that way your follow-up shots will be far more accurate should the time come. Magtech manufactures this ammunition at their plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to high standards. Order now to load your .38 Special with superior defense ammunition.

20 Rounds of 95gr +P SCHP .38 Spl Ammo by Magtech First Defense

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