1000 Rounds of 115gr TMJ 9mm Ammo by Speer

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The 9mm was designed in 1901 by famed designer Georg Luger, put into use in Germany in 1902, and has enjoyed always-growing popularity ever since. It’s one of the most popular – if not the most popular – semi-auto cartridges for self-defense, and if you own a 9mm for personal protection, odds are you go through a lot of target rounds. And while the average target round is just fine, would you be interested if there was one out there designed to feel just like defense ammunition? After all, such a round would cost less than defense ammo, and that means you could train realistically without draining your bank account. Enter Speer Lawman.

Speer Lawman has been around for more than 35 years, while Speer itself has been in business since 1944. Speer was founded by Vernon Speer, an inventor and all-around innovator who found creative ways to deal with metal shortages during World War II and the years that followed. Their long-time plant is located in Lewiston, Idaho, and all ammunition is made right there under the watchful eyes of the Speer team. All ammunition must meet stringent requirements, and Speer believes in the important of quality control and extensive testing. When you buy ammunition from Speer, you know you’re getting a reliable, high-quality product your gun will love – and so will you.

115 grain makes these rather lightweight rounds, so they fly from your gun with impressive speed. They’re TMJ and don’t expand on impact, just like all target rounds, so be sure of your backstop during training. These rounds are specifically designed for self-defense training and are also great for target practice, shooting drills, and plinking. Speer Lawman rounds are designed to mirror the power of Speer Gold Dot, a top-of-the-line defense round preferred by a vast number of members of law enforcement. But because these are target rounds, they’re more affordable. There are 1000 rounds in this case. By using Speer Lawman you’re improving your proficiency at a greater rate than with most target ammunition, and that requires a large number of rounds. Self-defense shooting is serious business and should be prepared for with serious training. Get serious with Speer Lawman.

1000 Rounds of 115gr TMJ 9mm Ammo by Speer

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