50 Rounds of 115gr TMJ 9mm Ammo by Speer

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During World War II, Vernon Speer, founder of Speer ammunition, was chief ground instructor at a flying school. It was in that time he became interested in the process of making bullets, and so he rented space in a grocery store and got to work. One of the problems in that era was a shortage of all metals due to the war effort, and that including gilding metal, which was used to make bullet jackets. It wasn’t long before Vernon’s innovative nature led to his idea of using reprocessed rimfire cases in place of the missing gilding metal. And with that he was in business for good, and Speer became a permanent part of the ammunition industry.

Today Speer produces its ammunition in Lewiston, Idaho, near the Washington-Idaho border and the banks of the famed Snake River. They’ve been making ammunition since 1944 and their experience shines in products like these Speer Lawman rounds. The Lawman line has been around for more than 35 years and is specifically designed to mirror the feel of defense ammunition – only these are target rounds. Speer understands the expense involved in training, so they decided to make Lawman to mimic Gold Dot, their premier defense ammunition, only at a lower price due to its being TMJ. Total Metal Jacket also means the bullet is entirely encased, and that means no lead exposure during firing.

These are 115 grain 9mm target rounds. They’re designed for superior self-defense training and can also be used for target practice and plinking. Each round has a fantastic muzzle velocity of 1200 feet per second and impacts its target with a muzzle energy of 368 foot-pounds. There are 50 target rounds in this box, and because Speer uses virgin brass cases with boxer primer, you can reload, making it an even better deal. Remember, Lawman ammunition has the increased recoil and power normally associated with defense ammunition, so if you’re looking for realistic training, you can get it at a better price with these rounds from Speer.

50 Rounds of 115gr TMJ 9mm Ammo by Speer

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