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.22lr Ammo: What Is So Awesome About It?

This .22 ammo for sale is well-established as one of the best-selling, most popular calibers in the world. Various pistols, rifles, revolvers, and even some shotguns are chambered for this caliber, offering excellent range for a minimal amount of recoil.

The 22 lr cartridge was created by the J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company in 1887. It is one of the only cartridges compatible with a wide range of both pistols and rifles. Nearly every manufacturer of cartridge guns produces one model of firearms chambered for the 22 long rifle. The minimal recoil, low noise, and low cost make the .22 LR an optimal cartridge for amateur firearms training, recreational shooting, and even pest control. Thus, the 22 LR in-stock ammo for sale today is commonly used by both experts and novice shooters alike.

Bullet weights for this cartridge range anywhere from 20 to 60 grains, with velocities ranging from 575–1,750 feet/second. It should be noted that some firearms that are chambered for common calibers, such as the 9mm Parabellum and .45 ACP, can be converted to fire most 22 ammunition on sale by utilizing special barrels.

The effective range for most 22 LR ammo is about 150 meters, but this range will usually be much shorter. For this reason, the relatively short effective range, light recoil, and low report have made it a favorite for use as a target practice cartridge. Though the accuracy of most 22 LR ammo for sale today is generally not exceptional, good quality 22 LR ammo can be quite accurate.

While 22 LR ammo is not as powerful as other cartridges, it can still be very dangerous, and it should be handled with precaution like all other firearms. Currently, the 22 LR is being used mainly for sports shooting, plinking, inexpensive/amateur training, and hunting small pests. The .22 long rifle cartridge is also the primary ammo used in many ISSF shooting events, and it is the same ammunition the Boy Scouts use to earn their rifle shooting merit badges.

Although they’re generally weaker than other firearms, .22 LR rifles and pistols are still lethal and are commonly used for self-defense, as they’re comparatively inexpensive and easily attainable. Although .22 LR ammo is rarely used by police/military snipers, it is sometimes utilized in urban operations due to its low noise and short range capabilities. The .22 LR is also widely used by hunters during off-season target practice. The main advantages of the 22 LR ammo on sale in the market is its low recoil, low noise, low cost, and relatively high accuracy-to-cost ratio.

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