1000 Rounds of 95gr JSP 9mm Ammo by Federal

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Your 9mm isn’t just any handgun, it’s currently one of the most widely used for both self-defense and target practice. The 9mm has capable knockdown power with less recoil than larger calibers like the .40 S&W and is also more reasonably priced. It’s been gaining popularity for the last century plus, and if that isn’t impressive, we don’t know what is. If your idea of the perfect day is spending some extended quality time with your favorite handgun at the range, slinging lead down-range, you need more than just a 50-round box of ammunition – and you’ve come to the right place. This 1,000-round case of 9mm’s will keep your handgun fed and give you some focused training time.

Founded in 1922, Federal has a long reputation for providing quality ammunition to shooters everywhere. Their ammunition has been used in massive quantities by the U.S. Military in multiple wars and has also been used by Olympic shooters to win gold medals; when it comes to accuracy and dependability, you want Federal. They manufacture their products at their established plant in Anoka, Minnesota, to high standards, making use of their nearly 100 years of experience. Their slogan is “Every shot counts” because Federal takes shooting seriously, and so should you.

These are JSP rounds. They expand on impact, penetrating more deeply than hollow points, and are often used for self-defense, especially in regions where hollow points are not allowed. These were made by Federal for Radway Green, hence the RG head stamp, and are meant for scenarios where low ricochet is a must, such as urban combat. At 95 grain they’re quite lightweight, which also gives them amazing speed; they have a muzzle velocity of 1,320 feet per second. These are fresh brass cases with boxer primer, which means you can reload, making this an even more incredible deal. And with 1,000 rounds in the case, you’ll be ready for whatever may come, and then some.

1000 Rounds of 95gr JSP 9mm Ammo by Federal

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