50 Rounds of 124gr SP 9mm Ammo by Sellier & Bellot

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When it comes to self-defense training, all too many shooters focus solely on shot placement. And while it’s true that shot placement is of vital importance, there’s more to getting out of a life-threatening situation alive than firing your gun. When you’re being attacked, every second matters, so you’d better spend time training beyond the squeeze of the trigger. Practicing drawing your gun should be topping your list, and not drawing from your hip, either. When you practice drawing your gun for self-defense training, you should be drawing from whatever holster you carry concealed with. After all, what’s the point of a fast draw from an open carry paddle holster when you conceal carry IWB under an untucked shirt? Train realistically to build the muscle memory and habits that can save your life when it really counts.

At 124 grain these are lightweight rounds, and that means their weight alone won’t affect your recoil. They’re Soft Point rounds and begin to expand the moment they hit their target; expansion is slower than a standard HP round, allowing for deeper penetration, so these rounds create a more traumatic wound channel. SP’s can be used in areas where HP’s are banned. Each of these rounds travels with exceptional speed to the target with a muzzle velocity of 1165 feet per second and strikes with compelling for with a muzzle energy of 374 foot-pounds. This ammunition is meant for self-defense, but it’s wise to use it for more realistic self-defense training, too.

There are 50 defense rounds in this box of ammunition from Sellier and Bellot, which is just enough to load a few mags for personal protection and also fire a few to get an idea of their greater power. Defense rounds have more recoil and overall force than target rounds, and the only way to be confident you’ll be able to make accurate follow-up shots in a life-or-death situation is by training with your chosen defense ammunition. Buy one box for concealed carry purposes and another for training. Sellier and Bellot manufactures this ammunition at their plant in Vlasim, Czech Republic; each round is produced in a virgin brass case with boxer primer and can be reloaded. Seconds count, and so does the performance of your defense ammo. Order now to keep your gun loaded and ready.

50 Rounds of 124gr SP 9mm Ammo by Sellier & Bellot

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